“Having a representable furniture talks about you more than you know, as the interior of your home is the reflection of what kind of person we truly are.”



Three Things We Do 


You can count on us to repair your furniture, craft new one or replace the padding on them. Whether you want to improve the look of your furniture or get a new one you’ve come to the right place!

Crafting new furniture is a service that we’ve perfected over the year. Being that we are in this business over ten years, we can proudly say that we are the best in business.

Restoring your damaged furniture’s looks and improving it is a job that we take seriously. Many customers rely on us to return their furniture in perfect shape this is why transportation of our products is important.





The person responsible for all upholstery work is our main guy in this department. From replacing the springs, wood, seats, fabric or leather covers to changing and adding more elements to it, is what our main upholsterer is responsible for.


Apprentice Upholsterer

Whatever assistance in creating or repairing the furniture our main upholsterer needs is what the apprentice will provide. Ordering the material, providing the tools and many other chores are his top priority. Both the apprentice and main upholsterer are responsible for the final look of our products, and this is where upholstery manager comes in place.


Upholstery Manager

Manager’s job is not only to monitor and observe our upholsterers but also to motivate them and provide new ideas. Fresh ideas are essential, and this is why we have meetings every week in order to increase our team’s creativity.

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